G G     G G        G G     G G
Lately i've been seeing things
G G    G G   D D D  C C C C    G G      G G  D D
Belly button piercings, in the sky, at night
D D         C C      C C    G G
When we're side by side
    G G      G G      G G
And i don't mean to rain
G G    G G  D D D C C
On anybodys caboret
C C           G G
One of those games
       G G    D D
You're gonna lose
        D D    C C    C C     G G
But you wanna play it just incase

Now it's getting dark
        D         G
And the sky looks sticky
                    C         D  G
More like black treacle than tar
Black treacle,
     D   G        Em               Cm                 G
Somebody told the stars you're not coming out tonight
        Cm                    G D Em C
So they find a place to hide


Does it help you stay up late
Does it help you concentrate,
Does it tune you in, when you chew your chin?
Am i ruining your fun?

And you talk the talk alright
But do you walk the walk, or catch the train?
You wanted it, you got it
But you don't want it now

Now it's getting dark
And the sky looks sticky
More like black treacle than tar
Black treacle
Somebody told the starts you're not coming out tonight
So they found a place to hide

Now i'm out of place
            D           G
And i'm not getting any wiser
I feel like the sundance kid,
   D             G
Behind the synthesiser
And i tried last night
   C             D
To pack away the laugh
       G             Cm
Like a key under the mat
         C              D
But it's never seems to be there
         [ G D Em C ] Até o fim
When you want it

Black treacle
Black treacle
Black treacle

( G )
G|,132263|,13225363|3,233342|7,243341515261,23456|5,31435463,3456|10,334353,23456|15,233342|12,142364|12,142354,12345|19,243352,23456|17,31435463,3456 D|,425362,3456|,253442525362,23456|5,334353,23456|10,233342|7,142364|7,142354,12345|14,243341515261,23456|17,334353,23456|12,31435463,3456|19,142364|19,142354,12345 C|,233251,23456|3,334353,23456|,23325163,23456|8,233342|5,142364|5,142354,12345|12,243341515261,23456|15,334353,23456|20,233342|10,31435463,3456|17,142364|17,142354,12345 Em|,2232|,223263|7,334352,23456|12,2333|,32445563,3456|12,233364|4,24324152,2345|9,142254,12345|9,14223144,1234|19,334352,23456|14,31435462,3456|16,24324152,2345 Cm|3,334352,23456|8,2333|,23315163,23456|8,233364|5,142254,12345|5,14223144,1234|20,2333|15,334352,23456|10,31435462,3456|12,24324152,2345|17,142254,12345|17,14223144,1234
|/dont-forget-whose-legs-youre-on-tabs-arctic-monkeys|Don't forget whose legs you're on|Arctic Monkeys|arctic-monkeys.jpg |/if-you-found-this-its-probably-too-late-tabs-arctic-monkeys|If you found this its probably too late|Arctic Monkeys|arctic-monkeys.jpg |/505-tabs-arctic-monkeys|505|Arctic Monkeys|arctic-monkeys.jpg |/do-i-wanna-know-tabs-arctic-monkeys|Do i wanna know|Arctic Monkeys|arctic-monkeys.jpg |/i-bet-that-you-look-good-on-the-dance-floor-released-version-solo-tabs-arctic-monkeys|I bet that you look good on the dance floor r|Arctic Monkeys|arctic-monkeys.jpg |/i-wanna-be-yours-tabs-arctic-monkeys|I wanna be yours|Arctic Monkeys|arctic-monkeys.jpg |/r-u-mine-tabs-arctic-monkeys|R u mine|Arctic Monkeys|arctic-monkeys.jpg |/i-bet-you-look-good-on-the-dancefloor-tabs-arctic-monkeys|I bet you look good on the dancefloor|Arctic Monkeys|arctic-monkeys.jpg |/fluorescent-adolescent-tabs-arctic-monkeys|Fluorescent adolescent|Arctic Monkeys|arctic-monkeys.jpg |/suck-it-and-see-tabs-arctic-monkeys|Suck it and see|Arctic Monkeys|arctic-monkeys.jpg |/crying-lightning-tabs-arctic-monkeys|Crying lightning|Arctic Monkeys|arctic-monkeys.jpg |/arabella-tabs-arctic-monkeys|Arabella|Arctic Monkeys|arctic-monkeys.jpg |/no-1-party-anthem-tabs-arctic-monkeys|No. 1 party anthem|Arctic Monkeys|arctic-monkeys.jpg |/mardy-bum-tabs-arctic-monkeys|Mardy bum|Arctic Monkeys|arctic-monkeys.jpg |/brick-by-brick-bass-tabs-arctic-monkeys|Brick by brick bass|Arctic Monkeys|arctic-monkeys.jpg 10
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