Cm                                             D
   So when you gaze at planet earth from outer space
Gm                                           Cm
   Does it wipe that stupid look off of your face?
I saw this aura over the battleground states
I lost some money, lost the keys
                                Eb         F
But I'm still handcuffed to the briefcase

        Eb       F
I never thought,  not in a million years
Eb         F            Cm
  That I'd meet so many lovers

Can I please have my money back?
   D                       Gm
My virtual reality mask is stuck on "€˜Parliament Brawl"€™
Cm                       D                                    Gm
  Emergency battery pack just in time for my weekly chat with God on videocall

Cm                                           D
  Breaking news they take the truth and make it and fluid
    Gm                                        Cm
The trainer's explanation was accepted by the steward
Montage of latest hated room
Gm                                                Eb  F
Soundtrack by a chorus of you don't know what you do

        Eb       F
I never thought,   not in a million years
Eb         F            Cm     D   Gm
  That I'd meet so many lovers

A               F                           D                        Gm
  And all of my   most muscular regrets explode behind my eyes like American sports

( Eb  F )

        Eb       F
I never thought,   not in a million years
Eb         F            Cm      D
  That I'd meet so many lovers
Cm|[0,"1.5.16",0,""] D|[0,"2.6.17",0,""] Gm|[0,"5.9.19",0,""] Eb|[0,"5.16.19",0,""] F|[0,"4.6.8",0,""] A|[0,"3.6.15",0,""]|[0,"3.6.20",0,""]|[0,"6.10.20",0,""]
/dont-forget-whose-legs-youre-on-klawerbord-arctic-monkeys|Don't forget whose legs you're on|Arctic Monkeys|arctic-monkeys.jpg /if-you-found-this-its-probably-too-late-klawerbord-arctic-monkeys|If you found this its probably too late|Arctic Monkeys|arctic-monkeys.jpg /505-klawerbord-arctic-monkeys|505|Arctic Monkeys|arctic-monkeys.jpg /do-i-wanna-know-klawerbord-arctic-monkeys|Do i wanna know|Arctic Monkeys|arctic-monkeys.jpg /i-bet-that-you-look-good-on-the-dance-floor-released-version-solo-klawerbord-arctic-monkeys|I bet that you look good on the dance floor r|Arctic Monkeys|arctic-monkeys.jpg /i-wanna-be-yours-klawerbord-arctic-monkeys|I wanna be yours|Arctic Monkeys|arctic-monkeys.jpg /r-u-mine-klawerbord-arctic-monkeys|R u mine|Arctic Monkeys|arctic-monkeys.jpg /i-bet-you-look-good-on-the-dancefloor-klawerbord-arctic-monkeys|I bet you look good on the dancefloor|Arctic Monkeys|arctic-monkeys.jpg /fluorescent-adolescent-klawerbord-arctic-monkeys|Fluorescent adolescent|Arctic Monkeys|arctic-monkeys.jpg /suck-it-and-see-klawerbord-arctic-monkeys|Suck it and see|Arctic Monkeys|arctic-monkeys.jpg /crying-lightning-klawerbord-arctic-monkeys|Crying lightning|Arctic Monkeys|arctic-monkeys.jpg /arabella-klawerbord-arctic-monkeys|Arabella|Arctic Monkeys|arctic-monkeys.jpg /no-1-party-anthem-klawerbord-arctic-monkeys|No. 1 party anthem|Arctic Monkeys|arctic-monkeys.jpg /mardy-bum-klawerbord-arctic-monkeys|Mardy bum|Arctic Monkeys|arctic-monkeys.jpg /brick-by-brick-bass-klawerbord-arctic-monkeys|Brick by brick bass|Arctic Monkeys|arctic-monkeys.jpg 10
/klawerbord-imagine-dragons|Imagine Dragons|imagine-dragons.jpg /klawerbord-coldplay|Coldplay|coldplay.jpg /klawerbord-lana-del-rey|Lana Del Rey|lana-del-rey.jpg /klawerbord-the-neighbourhood|The Neighbourhood|the-neighbourhood.jpg /klawerbord-the-last-shadow-puppets|The Last Shadow Puppets|the-last-shadow-puppets.jpg /klawerbord-ed-sheeran|Ed Sheeran|ed-sheeran.jpg /klawerbord-twenty-one-pilots|Twenty One Pilots|twenty-one-pilots.jpg /klawerbord-melanie-martinez|Melanie Martinez|melanie-martinez.jpg /klawerbord-the-beatles|The Beatles|the-beatles.jpg /klawerbord-alex-turner|Alex Turner|alex-turner.jpg /klawerbord-cage-the-elephant|Cage The Elephant|cage-the-elephant.jpg /klawerbord-oasis|Oasis|oasis.jpg /klawerbord-panic-at-the-disco|Panic! At The Disco|panic-at-the-disco.jpg /klawerbord-the-1975|The 1975|the-1975.jpg /klawerbord-bruno-mars|Bruno Mars|bruno-mars.jpg 4